MIDIBox SID Project Blog

A 6581 SID chip

Andrew has a blog following his quest to have a synthesizer based on the 8-bit Commodore 64's sound chip known as the SID. Andrew had a Commodore 64 growing up and because of nostalgia is building a SID based synth using the MIDIBox platform and sticking it in a modified Commodore 64C case. This blog covers his early planning, the construction of a modular single SID based MIDIbox, the construction of an MB-6582 based device, and planning and assembling its enclosure.

There's also a bunch of macro photographs of electrical doohickeys.

About Andrew

Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey is a senior web designer and front-end developer at JBS International, Inc. with over 15 years of experience in print, web and interaction design. Andrew applies a multidisciplinary approach to create innovative, responsive, user centered interfaces, products, and experiences. He utilizes modern development tools including version control and HTML/CSS preprocessors; develops site maps, wireframes, living style guides, use cases, and functional prototypes; designs reports, booklets, brochures, manuals and conference exhibits. He has worked with over 18 clients spanning public sector, for profit, and non-profit businesses and organizations.

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